Community Partners

Educational Units: Enriching a Student's Education

CORE Butte Charter School believes in and supports learning in the broader community.  A Community Partner is a person or company that provides tutoring, music lessons, physical education facilities, etc. and has been approved by CORE to provide services to its students. All Community Partners have gone through the fingerprinting process as required by the State of California and have completed the essential paperwork to be a CORE services provider. To ensure equal access, the school provides every student with Educational Units (EUs) in order to personalize his/her education beyond the traditional curriculum.

Description:  Educational Units are allocated to each student in order to support classes on site, classes in the community, exploration trips, and other educational pursuits which are not available through the assigned curriculum.  EU allocations are administered by teachers and align with each student's personalized learning plan. These allocations are not used indiscriminately. 

Academic support should always have priority over electives.  The use of funds is determined by a student's teacher in cooperation with parents/guardians.  If a student is not proficient in math or English Language Arts, academic tutoring should be the top consideration in allocating EUs.

Below you will see a search tool that is provided for parents with students currently enrolled or who are interested in our school. This is to be of assistance in reviewing the vendors available to your students in the areas of curriculum, college courses and community options.