My Math K-5th & Glencoe Math 6th-8th


Glencoe Math is a seamless transition from My Math (primary grades) into a middle school curriculum. Both are the same curriculum with different names. It is a unit/chapter approach that spirals back to reinforce skills learned in previous chapters. It uses an easy to follow "I do/We do/You do" pattern.

Content is presented in the same order for each grade providing a cohesiveness that connects learning to previous years. It's online resource allows students to access content using different approaches. Icons in the student text indicate the online resources so the student knows when they can access additional resources such as tutor videos, songs, games, vocabulary activities, interactive videos, and video introductions to chapters. Building technology skills and math vocabulary are other key elements of My Math and Glencoe Math.


The student text is a soft cover, write-in book, allowing students to engage directly with the text. The presentation is colorful and easy to follow. Plenty of space is given for students to show their work.

My Math Interactive Presentation

Glencoe Math Interactive Presentation


Write-in student text

Two teacher manuals offered: A thorough and detailed manual, and/or a smaller and easier to use "walk-through" manual

Unlimited access to the student online edition, and shared access to the online teacher edition.

Online: Self-check quizzes to build confidence, visual and auditory interaction with content, tutor videos, games, and much more to explore.