2024 Board Elections

Community and Parent Member Candidates

CORE Butte’s Board of Directors is composed of two community members and three parent members.

This year CORE Butte will be holding elections for two community members (2 year term) and one parent member (1 year term).

Below are the candidates that will be on the electronic ballot that will be emailed out on April 17th and voting will close on May 1st at 4 p.m.

Theresa Schneider

Walnut Orchardist

Parent Member Candidate

Community involvement is important, it is the foundation of education. I strive to be involved with my children’s education and school. Being a member of the board would allow me to bring a fresh view to the board. Being a fourth generation farmer I have the resources to bring a wide range of community that has not been approached. I will gladly be part of the board and work with other parents and community to continue the great work of CORE Butte Charter.

Sean Worthington

CEO, Lead Scientist, Director of Software Engineering

Parent Member Candidate

Hi CORE Butte Families! I'm Sean Worthington and I just recently retired after teaching 23 years at Butte College in the Department of Computer Science. I currently teach online for the American Military Universtiy. I am also the CEO of tech startup that specializes in quantum safe key exchange systems. CORE Butte now faces some serious challenges. Our State test scores have been dropping lately and if we aren't able to get the scores up soon, our school will be closed June 2027. As a college professor, I noticed long ago that homeschool kids almost always did better in my college classes than those kids who came from traditional schools. That is why I enrolled both of my children in CORE Butte. I'm happy to say that my daughter did very well at CORE and was able to graduate a year early. My twelve year old son has achieved the highest level in California Asessments (CAASPP) and that means "Standard Exceeded" for both Math and English. The reason that I want your vote is because there is a lot of talk about spending CORE's precious time, money and resources on camouflaged DEI programs. The only thing you need to know about DEI is that it is not Math and English and that it will sap our ability to keep CORE Butte open. At Butte College, DEI has been widley implemented. The result has been that students do not feel like they can openly speak their minds and male student feel so antagonized that over 700 of them have dropped out of college. As a CEO, I have experience with hiring people, budgets and operational processes. As a college instructor and parent of high performing CORE Butte students, I feel confident that I can make decisions that will keep our school from being closed. I can only help if you take the time to vote for me. Let's keep CORE Butte high-quality.

Terri Emmons

Retired CORE PLT & Current Board Member

Community Member Candidate

My name is Terri Emmons. I am applying for the Community Member position on the Board for CORE Butte Charter School. I am currently finishing up my first two year term, and It would be an honor and privilege to be able to continue my service to the CORE community. I have worked in education for 40 plus years. During these years, I have tutored children from kindergarten to high school, taught Sunday School, counseled at youth camps, and planned special events for children. I was a volunteer in the Reading Pals program in Chico Unified, and I’m currently a Site Coordinator for Citrus Elementary Reading Pals. We have been working this year to pilot a Math Pals program. I was a traditional classroom teacher in grades 2 - 6 for 20 years. I retired 3 years ago after 12 years working at CORE Butte Charter School as a PLT. My time at CORE was the most fulfilling in all my years in education. The culture and vision of CORE is the key to its success. Putting the student first and knowing that each child is unique, with different needs and learning styles is of foremost importance. The culture of collegiality with the staff and parents is what makes CORE stand out. I thoroughly enjoyed my relationships with families and guiding them in their home school journey. During my years at CORE I mentored new teachers, planned and led the annual Parent Seminar, and assisted in planning elective class schedules. As a board member, I bring knowledge of the history of CORE and a strong sense of the culture and vision that makes CORE a relevant and important option for students in our community. I will be ready to listen to all ideas from students, parents and staff, keeping in mind what is best for the students as well as the school. My desire is for our unique model of education to continue to grow and thrive. I have learned so much these past 2 years. Our staff does an outstanding job. The task of balancing innovation with the ever changing requirements of our state is truly challenging. I hope to continue to support our amazing school by serving on the board for another 2 years.

James Bishop

Software Developer

Community Member Candidate

I am currently serving as a community member of the CORE board. Our family has a long history with CORE. Six of our children attended with three graduates and I even took a year away from my software development career to teach at CORE out of enthusiasm for what they were doing. We were always avid homeschoolers but also have many connections to public, charter and private schools. I have degrees in Mathematics (BS) and Computer Science (MA) and teaching credentials in Math, Physics and Chemistry. Recently I've been volunteering at CORE, tutoring and helping with classes. Prior to joining the board, I researched topics of concern to help families navigate issues and spoke at a dozen school board meetings with the goal of dramatically improving communication between parents and their representatives. In recent years I have come to see CORE as vital to the Chico community in providing unique educational opportunities, but also in broader and more fundamental ways, having to do with mental health, stability and social cohesion. I will continue to look for ways to support CORE and foster the sort of dialog that will allow us to navigate challenges together in the family spirit that makes CORE such a wonderful place.