Primary Mathematics (Common Core) K-6th


  • Uses a Concrete ➙ Pictorial ➙ Abstract approach (students encounter math through concrete activities before progressing to pictorial and abstract representations)

  • Encourages an active thinking process, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving

  • Places emphasis on understanding concepts rather than memorizing procedures

  • Concrete illustrations are incorporated heavily in the early grades, gradually giving way to more abstract representations so that math is learned meaningfully.

  • Emphasis on the use of model drawings as a tool to problem solving.

  • Builds strong problem solving, critical thinking, and computational skills

  • Develops a foundation consistent with application in higher level math (algebra, geometry, etc.).

  • Math in Focus 6-8 is the recommended middle school curriculum in line with Primary Mathematics' Singapore model.


Textbooks are thin with a straightforward, no-nonsense appearance. Sample Pages from Book 3A (Third grade, 1st Semester)


Textbook Parts A and B REQUIRED (Consumable for Kindergarten)

Homeschool Instructor's Guides: VITAL to this program (Kindergarten is oriented for a classroom so some activities must be adapted for homeschool use.)

Workbooks: REQUIRED (1-6 grade)

Manipulatives: VITAL

Additional materials upon request