2021-2022 Virtual Lottery February 18th TK-8th 3:00PM & High School 4:00PM Do you or someone you know have a student who would like to attend CORE Butte? Check out the Enrollment section for more information on the upcoming lottery.
2 months ago, Katie Dollinger
K8 Lottery
HS Lottery
Join us for our Charter Advisory Council meetings! The next CAC meeting will be held VIA Zoom tomorrow, January 29th @ 9:00AM. Hope to see you there!
3 months ago, Katie Dollinger
CAC 2021.01.29
Join us for our Charter Advisory Council meetings! The next CAC meeting will be held VIA Zoom this Friday, December 4th @ 9:00AM. Charter Advisory Council serves as the School Site Council and meetings are open to the public. The Charter Advisory Council is responsible for making recommendations to the School Corporation Board of Directors on issues including, but not necessarily limited to; fiscal management and accountability, educational program/ instructional strategies, policies and procedures for operations, and management and operations. The council is comprised of elected parent representatives, elected staff representatives, and elected student representatives and meets 5-6 times annually. We hope to see you there!
5 months ago, Katie Dollinger
CAC 2020.12.04
Be sure to read the latest information... CORE Butte Tk-8 Lynx Links! https://www.smore.com/s540p
5 months ago, Mary Cox
Check out our new sign at the Tk-8 resource center!
6 months ago, Mary Cox
new sign at the tk-8
Today we had the joy of welcoming back students in grades Tk-5 to our resource center!! It was a beautiful day with a lot of happy staff and students. check out this week's Lynx Links! https://www.smore.com/s540p-lynx-links
6 months ago, Mary Cox
Check out our weekly newsletter from the Tk-8 center! https://www.smore.com/ytxw2-lynx-links
6 months ago, Mary Cox
We are here to support you during this difficult time. We hope you are taking care of yourself and your family and reaching out for support if you need it. During this time, please know that your family and your safety are the most important things. CORE Butte will be holding classes today, but there are no expectations that students must attend their classes who are affected. We understand that you may be dealing with issues related to the fires and smoke and that attending virtual classes may not be a priority for your family. However, if your student needs a sense of routine your teachers will be holding their classes for students to join. We hope everyone is safe and in a safe space. Please reach out to us or your PLT should there be any way we can support you further. As a reminder, we do have access to a counselor for students who are feeling the need to talk to someone. Please be safe and take care of yourself.
7 months ago, Susan Smith
Please remember that the local school districts are making breakfast and lunch meals available to any child under the age of 18. USDA has announced that this FREE meals for ALL kids program is extended through December 31, 2020. This program will help ensure – no matter what the situation is on-the-ground – children have access to nutritious food as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Meals can be picked up at your local participating neighborhood school. More information can be found on your local district's website or you can reach out to us for more information.
7 months ago, Susan Smith
Remember that the Book Fair is this week! The Book Fair will be open from 7:30 AM to 4 PM each day. Don't forget to send money with your kids so that they can check out the latest reads!
8 months ago, Apptegy Admin
There is a PTO Meeting tonight at 7:30 in the auditorium. We will be discussing the budget for next year.
8 months ago, Apptegy Admin
Be sure to congratulate our Volleyball Team on making it to the district finals!
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Welcome to CORE Butte Charter School's new website and mobile app!
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