Shared Leadership

CORE’s vision and day-to-day operations only happens with the shared collaboration and leadership. The combined effort makes decisions affecting everything from textbooks, instruction to facilities. In June of 2007 the Butte County Board of Education approved the petition for CORE Butte Charter School. 

The CORE Butte, Inc. Board of Directors is the decision making body for CORE Butte Charter School

The Charter Board

The Charter Board meets on a regular basis in order to develop policies, approve the budget and assist in making major governance decisions regarding the school operations.  CORE, Inc. is comprised of community members and parent members.

CORE Inc. Board Members:

Members of the public wishing to send public correspondence may do so at

Board Member Biographies

Jill LaMalfa, Board President , Parent Member

I've homeschooled for the last 17 years (4 of my own children and one of a friend's) and I'm excited to see it growing and reaching more kids with personalized learning. I'm a teacher by trade (since 1992 at CSUC- graduate and credential program) and a homeschool mom by choice. I love thinking out of the box when it comes to schooling options and our teachers and staff at CORE do an outstanding job of this. Seeing the growth at our school excites me and I'd like to be a part of the board to continue to have input on where we are headed and how we are getting there. In this day and age where traditional schooling is no longer a ,"one size fits all" absolute, I see CORE Butte as offering so much more to kids of all ages and abilities. I believe I bring to the table my education and experience as a classroom teacher and homeschool mom as well as an involved community member with excitement and enthusiasm. We have some great things here at CORE and I'd like to work together to enhance the things we do well and reach more students with even more options for education! Thank you for your consideration.

Terri Emmons, Community Member

It is my privilege to serve on the Board for CORE Butte for the next 2 years. I have 3 grown children and 5 amazing grandchildren, and one awesome husband! I have worked in education for 40 years! I was an elementary classroom teacher for many of those years. I also tutored and worked with home school families. I was a PLT for CORE Butte for 10 years, and just retired a year ago. During my years at CORE I was always impressed with the parents who were dedicated to schooling their children. I believe that CORE offers a unique and important option for families who desire an alternative to a traditional classroom setting. It is my goal as a board member to make sure that the unique opportunities that CORE offers continue.

James Bishop, Community Member

Our family has a long history with CORE. Six of our children attended with three graduates and I even took a year away from my software development career to teach at CORE out of enthusiasm for what they were doing. We were always avid homeschoolers but also have many connections to public, charter and private schools. I have degrees in Mathematics (BS) and Computer Science (MA) and teaching credentials in Math, Physics and Chemistry. As a board member, I will research topics of concern to help families navigate issues and know where I stand. After the experience of the last two years and speaking at a dozen school board meetings, one of my goals is to dramatically improve communication between parents and their representatives. Opening up dialog will allow us to navigate challenges together in the family spirit that made CORE such a wonderful place in years past.

Michelle Brown, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Parent Member

I am honored to serve on the CORE Board as a parent member. My daughter is a CBHS graduate in 2021 after 10 years at CORE, my son is a current freshman and has done all 10 years of his education at CORE. Raised in Willows and currently living in Chico - we are very appreciative of this community and specifically what our charter school brings to education in Northern California. It is important to me that we continue to have this community formed and family focused option for education for years to come. In addition to homeschool mom, I have been in our community for over 15 years as a Nurse Practitioner and teacher at Chico State. 

Jason Krueger, Parent Member

I have been a parent in the CORE Butte Charter community since 2015 taking an active role in teaching my daughter who is now in Core Butte High School.  Additionally, I have been the owner and CEO of multiple businesses for the last 20 years. I look forward to bringing experienced business sense to the board along with strong, decisive, and unwavering leadership.  While serving on this board my primary objective is to preserve the values and mission that this school was founded on. I look forward to ensuring that homeschooling through Core continues to provide the educational excellence and family values we have been known for.