Shared Leadership

The implementation of CORE Butte's vision and day-to-day operations occur with high quality governance and leadership. The Board of Directors and the school's leadership collaborate to make decisions that lead to a high quality educational opportunity in our community. The Board of Directors work with school leadership to ensure fiscal responsibility, governance in alignment with state and federal laws, and that the school stays true to the vision of its charter.  In June of 2007 the Butte County Board of Education approved the petition for CORE Butte Charter School. 

The CORE Butte, Inc. Board of Directors is the governance body for CORE Butte Charter School.

The Charter Board

The Charter Board meets on a regular basis in order to review policies, review and approve the school's budget and assist in making major governance decisions regarding the school operations in alignment with state and federal law.  CORE, Inc. is comprised of community members and parent members who serve two year terms.

CORE Inc. Board Members:

Members of the public wishing to send public correspondence may do so at

Board Member Biographies

Kelly Holliday, Board President, Parent Member

I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors as a Parent Member. I have been homeschooling for over ten years with two daughters who have thrived in the personalized learning model of CORE Butte. I have been a resident of Butte County for over 20 years, worked as a high-school classroom teacher, facilitated multiple student programs in the sciences and am a business owner in Paradise, CA. I truly believe in the mission and vision of CORE Butte and it is my goal as a Board member to ensure that students and families have access to education in the format that most successfully honors their individual needs. 

Terri Emmons, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Community Member

It is my privilege to serve on the Board for CORE Butte for the next 2 years. I have 3 grown children and 5 amazing grandchildren, and one awesome husband! I have worked in education for 40 years! I was an elementary classroom teacher for many of those years. I also tutored and worked with home school families. I was a PLT for CORE Butte for 10 years, and just retired a year ago. During my years at CORE I was always impressed with the parents who were dedicated to schooling their children. I believe that CORE offers a unique and important option for families who desire an alternative to a traditional classroom setting. It is my goal as a board member to make sure that the unique opportunities that CORE offers continue.

James Bishop, Community Member

Our family has a long history with CORE. Six of our children attended with three graduates and I even took a year away from my software development career to teach at CORE out of enthusiasm for what they were doing. We were always avid homeschoolers but also have many connections to public, charter and private schools. I have degrees in Mathematics (BS) and Computer Science (MA) and teaching credentials in Math, Physics and Chemistry. As a board member, I will research topics of concern to help families navigate issues and know where I stand. After the experience of the last two years and speaking at a dozen school board meetings, one of my goals is to dramatically improve communication between parents and their representatives. Opening up dialog will allow us to navigate challenges together in the family spirit that made CORE such a wonderful place in years past.

Chris Balint, Parent Member

I have just joined the CORE Board as a parent member. I am so proud to serve in this capacity. I have a daughter in 7th grade at CORE and my son is a freshman at CBHS. The personalized learning model has given both of my children a chance to be challenged and succeed that matches who they are as individuals. My family and I have lived in Chico for 8 years and have spent the majority of time with CORE Butte. In addition, I am a Youth Pastor who has CORE Butte students who attend our weekly meetings. CORE's emphasis on high quality, personalized learning is evident and is an obvious piece to each student's growth and success in their lives. For this reason I am passionate about being on the Board and I want to see us maintain the impact that this charter school has on our area longer term. 

Theresa Schneider, Parent Member

Fortunate to be a member of the CORE School Board.  New to CBHS this past year I am so impressed with the school.  CORE is the perfect learning environment for our family and we are so happy to be part of it. I am a 4th Generation Farmer here in Butte County with a husband who works outside the orchards. We have two daughters, a Senior & Sophomore.  Personally, this school has been a blessing for us and I want to share with others. I am determined to maintain the positive learning environment and high level of education that the community needs through my time on the board.