CBHS Yearbook Updates

—Yearbook Launches eShare—

Yearbook needs your help! It's been a challenge this year to schedule students for photo assignments. We very much need more pictures for: soccer, cross country, and FFA—but ANY cool pictures of games, activities, classes, or hanging-out-on-campus would help. These are your memories. Let us put them in print!

HOW? The Yearbook class is using an app called "eShare" from our publisher Herff Jones. Anyone can share pictures from their phone or computer to the backend of our cloud photo library. It's very cool. You do have to share your name/email address/and phone number before uploading, but that's it. It doesn't track you, it's just a safety precaution. 

Here's the web link to eShare:

There's also an app for both iOS and Android that streamlines the sharing process. You need to enter your name/email/phone AND enter the code: "corebutte" to connect to our school's cloud photo library — but you only have to enter this info ONCE when using the app. 

The links to download the iOS and Android apps:
—iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/herff-jones-eshare/id511291680
—Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.herffjones.yearbooks.eShareMobile&pcampaignid=web_share

—Senior Stuff—

Senior Quotes! Submit your senior quotes to have your words memorialized in the yearbook next to your portrait. Our theme this year is: Individuality & Authenticity. We ask that you thoughtfully consider what this means to you and submit a quote that expresses your feelings on the chosen theme. We've got a Google Form for that: https://forms.gle/5jt5LHfEMXYuUTRu9 (QR code on image above)

Senior ads are live! Follow the QR code link on the above image and select "Start Your Ad" to design a special tribute for your senior. OR go to YearbookOrderCenter.com and enter job code "12349" to either Order a Yearbook or design a Senior Ad/Dedication.

Senior Baby Pictures: email baby pictures to yearbook@corebutte.org or drop off a physical copy of your baby picture to the front desk to be digitized by Mr. Collins!

DUE DATE: All senior related yearbook content needs to be submitted by March 1st to be included in the book.