Educational Options at CBHS

CORE stands for Community Options for Resources in Education. We believe that learning is not confined to a school building. Students can learn valuable content and life lessons at school, but many of these lessons can also be learned throughout our community. Independent Study allows us to combine various options to allow students to create a pathway that best fits their individual needs and desires.

Below you will find a brief description of some of the options available for our high school students to work through their coursework. Each student is assigned a Personalized Learning Teacher to help create a plan and guide you through your high school experience.

Center Classes

Center classes are teacher-led courses that are held on a fixed schedule weekly at our resource center. These classes are similar to a college schedule where students spend a few days a week in class, then complete the remainder of the work independently. Classes usually have 16-20 students in them and meet 2-3 hours per week. Class sessions focus on the most important pieces of the learning experience such as hands-on labs, discussions, and collaborative projects. To see the center class options visit our Class Schedule.

Independent Study Courses

Independent study courses are classes that are completed by the student completely at home. These courses can be paper and pencil based courses with assignments and textbooks assigned by your teacher or they can be taken through an online content provider. These courses are overseen by a teacher, but they do not have a direct instruction component. Some independent study courses can be supported by a tutor or community partner to enhance the learning experience.

Butte College Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment courses are a great opportunity for high school students to begin to earn college credit while still completing high school requirements. Taking a college class earns a student both high school credit and college credit concurrently. These courses are completed at Butte College and are standard college courses, but they are tuition-free and CORE will provide the required textbooks. Many Butte College courses also qualify as honors courses for high school students. Concurrent enrollment is open to any student as long as permission is granted. To learn more about concurrent enrollment visit the Butte College Concurrent Enrollment page.

CSU, Chico High School Scholars

The High School Scholars program is an excellent opportunity for 11th and 12th-grade high school students to take up to two courses at CSU, Chico. Similar to concurrent enrollment, taking a college class earns a student both high school credit and college credit concurrently. There is a small fee for these courses. For more information on the process and requirements visit the High School Scholars page.

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